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Product of the Month is back with a BANG!

It's been a long time coming, but we're delighted to announce that Product of the Month is back! For our first installment we've chosen a collection from our new suppliers, Davines, and we think you'll be just as excited as we are!

Needless to say since we've ceased stocking Schwarzkopf Colour Freeze shampoo, a lot of our clients have been desperate to get their hands on a silver shampoo that really works. We believe we have what you need in Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo and Conditioner.

If you've read our recent blog post all about Davines, you'll know that we absolutely love their products here at Hair by JFK, and the Alchemic Silver collection is no exception. Thanks to their super biodegradable and natural formulas, the Alchemic Silver line is designed to intensify and brighten colour on both natural and coloured hair. It perfectly counteracts unwanted reflections or dullness on grey, salt & pepper, or platinum blonde hair.

The formula adds vibrancy and reflective shine to natural hair, embracing and enhacing your natural gray tones. They're also designed to provide intense hydration and prevent split ends. On coloured hair, even as light as platinum blonde, Alchemic Silver helps to delicately preserve your in-salon colour thanks to it's gentle cleansers and pure pigments. The pure pigments are deposited on the surface of the hair, reviving colour and preserving the intensity between colour treatments.

The formula is highly sustainable, and free from silicones, sulphates and parabens, while the packaging is made of recycled plastic for the lowest possible environmental impact. So not only are they good for you, but they're good for the environment too! It's a win-win really.

Drop on in to our Bruntsfield salon to grab a hold of this gorgeous new product before a second lockdown hits and that brassiness comes back to haunt you! For now, we're all off to wash each other's hair and breathe in the beautiful scent of Achemic Silver! Ta-ra for now x

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