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The results are in. Our clients love us!

What a year it's been!! From starting off the new year with excitement and that lovely feeling of welcoming all that is new and fresh, to quite possibly the most unexpected situation most of us have experienced with the break out of Covid-19, it goes without saying that 2020 has been a bit of a bummer.

One thing that thankfully hasn't changed is the amazing collection of reviews that our salons have been receiving, especially since we've reopened our doors in July. It may not seem like much, but when a client takes the time to leave us a review it shows us that we have really put the time and effort in to make the whole experience as positive as possible, and that feels fantastic! Even if it's a bad review (they're rare but they do happen) it's an opportunity for us to learn from our mistakes and improve for the future.

Lucky for us though the majority of our reviews have been really positive. Really really positive! In fact, they've been so positive that BOTH of our salons have been awarded for providing amazing services to our amazing clients, all thanks to those lovely reviews.

Firstly, the Bruntsfield salon has received the Phorest Salon Software CLIENT EXPERIENCE AWARD for averaging 5 star reveiws over the course of the past year. The South Clerk Street salon hasn't been left out though, as they've been awarded the Treatwell TOP RATED 2020 award thanks to their non-stop 5 star reviews!

One particular piece of feedback that we have REALLY REALLY appreciated has been regarding the health and safety measures we carry out to keep our clients and staff safe during this pandemic. From the off we wanted to ensure that clients could visibly see just how much effort we are putting in, but for clients to share with people that these measures have really impressed them and assured them of their safety, well that just makes us feel fantastic! We really appreciate it so much.

The results are in! Our clients love us, and we love you too! xx

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