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You're in safe hands at Hair by JFK

There are a lot of different phrases and platitudes being used right now to make sense of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it's the difficulties of "these uncertain times" or adjusting to "the new normal", it can all get a little overwhelming. But here at Hair by JFK we want all of our clients to rest assured that when you walk through the door, we've got everything under control so you don't have to worry.

All of our safety measures are recommended by a combination of the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the Scottish Government. We have invested heavily in PPE for staff and the salon as a whole, as well as changing a lot of our practices to meet the government guidelines. Below you will find information on what we have implemented since we reopened back in July, and we welcome feedback from anyone and everyone who walks through the doors on our practices. Even if you see something you don't think is quite right (hopefully you don't....but just incase) please do tell us so we can address it right away.


- A sanitation station has been placed outside our entrance for you to santize your hands before entering the salon, with other bottles of sanitizer placed throughout the salon and in the bathrooms.

- Chairs have been removed from the salon floor to allow for more space between stations. Each stylists station is separated with PVC partitions to provide further protection.

- Appointments are now staggered, meaning that we are giving stylists extended time slots to clean and sanitize their stations in between each and every client. We have also reduced the number of clients that a stylist can see to in one day; no more seeing to another client while one clients colour developes - it's one in, one out.

- We've cut the number of the clients who can shampooed at one time to two, allowing more space not just between clients but between staff members also while they work. We also sanitize the the shampooing chairs and sinks between each use.

- We are also ensuring that no more than two people come into direct contact with each client. Where possible the stylist will shampoo their client rather than an assistant, which ensures the assistants are free to keep on top of the cleanliness of the salon.

- We have bold signage on our floors, displaying safe physical distances throughout the salon. We encourage all staff and clients to adhere to these markings when moving throughout the salon.

- We have reduced the number of chairs at our reception area, to ensure that the numbers of bodies in the salon is as low as possible. We encourage clients to arrive as closely to their appointment time as possible so they don't need to wait around. If you arrive and are unsure about whether or not to enter, just wait outside and a member of staff will welcome you in as soon as the space becomes available.

- All clients are required to wear a face covering, unless they are exempt. If you forget your face covering, we do keep some medical face masks behind reception for clients. All of our stylists wear either masks or a combination of masks and visors.

- We no longer accept payments by cash (with the exception of Katie Jane Nails). If your bill comes to more than the contactless limit, please note that our card reader machine is sanitzed between each use so it is perfectly safe to enter your pin number.

- Since reopening, we have removed our coat and jacket cupboard from the shop floor. We are providing our clients with plastic bags for their bags and/or jackets. Clients can keep their belongings with them during their appointment, so if they need to take anything such as their phone, water or a magazine out they can. (we are also sanitizing the plastic bags at the end of the day so they can be reused as bin-liners or recycled)

- We can no longer off our clients teas and coffees. However, clients are more than welcome to bring along their own beverages. It is perfectly okay to remove your mask to take a sip, so long as your stylist is not working directly near your face.

- We also can no longer provide reading materials such as magazines to our clients. We do, however, have free Wi-Fi for our clients to use so you're more than welcome to use your smartphones, tablets or e-readers to keep you entertained during your appointment.


Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or suggestions. As the saying goes, we're all in this together! So if you have any ideas or comments on any improvements we can make we'd love to hear them.

Stay safe, but don't forget to stay fabulous too.

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